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"I've recommended AdvancedSkeleton to customers since I was first introduced to it. They appreciate the flexibility and ease of use it offers and makes for a great production rigging system for a studio that doesn't have development time to build their own.

-Lee Fraser, Sr. Application Eng. at Autodesk

"I have been using the AdvancedSkeleton system for many years and in many projects, and it sure delivers in both reliability and performance. It will give the animator all the control he or she needs, and it will give the Rigger freedom to be able to change the rig on the fly"

-Tommie Lofqvist, Head of Animation at Milford.

"AdvancedSkeleton lets me create great character rigs, in only a few days. It has really made my professional life a whole lot easier."

 -Chau Vo Ba Truong, Truong Cg Artist

"AdvancedSkeleton have been a wonderful addition to our pipeline and have saved us a huge amount of time and energy."  

-Bart Kaufman, Lead Animator at Microsoft

" working with advanced skeleton is like having a rigging swiss army knife: helpful wherever you take it"

-Simon Decombel, Character TD, Important Looking Pirates

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